The other left

According to new revelations, the Titanic may have gone down because of a wrong left turn. The performance gap-analysis is simple: though the Titanic was a steam-ship, North-Atlantic sailing was traditionally done by “tiller-orders”, which means you deflect the tiller right to turn left. The new modern steam ships acted like cars; you deflect the wheel towards where you want to go. When the captain commanded a sharp turn, the man at the wheel complied, but reverted to his training and commanded the ship right into the iceberg.

If true, this story provides a titanic-sized lesson about the importance of ensuring that training and operations are as aligned as possible. The best case would have been to modernize the language used on the deck. Second best would have been to train sailors in the actual vernacular, as antiquated as it was. Either solution could have averted the disaster.

What disasters could you be averting right now by either fixing the job or the training for the job?

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