Instructio was founded with the goal of helping organizations achieve their objectives by creating elegant performance solutions.

Under the banner “learning, performance and fun”, Instructio sets out to get to the heart of performance issues, and to design solutions that engage and support learners.


Our design philosophy can be summarized as:
Understand the problems we are trying to solve. Training is only one method of solving performance problems.
Understand the opportunities and barriers to solving the problem within the broader organizational system.
Understand what the targeted performance actually looks like before designing any solutions.
Design solutions that focus on getting the learner to perform as realistically as possible. Information and data are only useful to the degree that they support the learner’s ability to act appropriately.
As much as possible, validate designs with real learners and stakeholders and include their voice in the solution development process.
Every medium and method has strengths and weaknesses. The best solution combines strengths to overcome weaknesses.


Ian Gaither, Founder and CEO
Over the course of his 15 years as an instructional systems designer, Ian has created training programs for everyone from super-market clerks to astronauts. Along the way, he has employed the full spectrum of training tools; from virtual reality to simple text / image-based scenarios.

Ian holds a masters degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University in Montréal, Canada.