Since our inception in 2009, we have completed a wide variety of training analysis, design and development projects.
Additionally, we have provided application design and custom development for commercial learning products.
The following are samples of the types of projects we have engaged in:

Skills Training for Environmental Professionals
ECO Canada (eco.ca)

The rapidly expanding environmental sector requires professionals who are not only technically proficient within their area of expertise, but who also have a wide range of current “soft-skills”, allowing them to manage projects, write efficiently and be effective communicators. ECO Canada engaged Instructio to analyze the needs of typical learners within environmental organizations, and design the “ECO Academy” collection of courses to address their professional development needs.

Onboarding and Software Training for Pharmacy Assistants
Clarity Consultants

Clarity Consultants engaged Instructio to conduct an analysis of training needs for employees of a national pharmacy company, and to then develop the new employee training for Quebec. This new course was to be based on the training being used by the same company in the rest of Canada. This required localization of content and interaction with local experts to determine the operational and regulatory differences between Quebec and the rest of Canada.

We created online courses to teach new pharmacy assistants the soft skills and regulatory requirements of their jobs. We also developed a series of interactive software training courses which allowed them to watch demonstrations of the more common features for the software that they would need to use on the job, and to then practice using those features in an interactive simulation of the software we built.

Training Needs Analysis for Emergency Vehicle Technicians
Calian Technologies ltd.

In order to ensure that all mechanics who maintain fire vehicles are fully capable of diagnosing and repairing problems on all systems, we performed a gap analysis to determine differences between entry-level certifications and job requirements. Additionally, we determined the degree to which OEM training was providing adequate coverage for skills development.

For all gaps, we developed a methods and media strategy that blended OEM courses, self-paced familiarization modules created by subject matter experts, and supervised hands-on work. This was done with the intent of providing a highly accessible learning path for all technicians.

Design of Virtual Task Trainers
NGRAIN Corporation

NGRAIN’s Virtual Task Trainers (VTTs) provide technicians the opportunity to rehearse maintenance tasks on realistic 3D equipment and to learn about systems with interactive animations.

In order to enhance the instructional effectiveness of VTTs, Instructio worked with NGRAIN to design and prototype new types of activities to allow better re-use during performance support, to encourage deeper exploration of system information, and to enable learners to easily link 3D views of components with the schematic representations they frequently see in technical publications.

Instructio has also designed several VTTs for a variety of NGRAIN clients. This was achieved by working with expert technicians to understand learning requirements, and by guiding the instructional design process to ensure that those requirements were met.

Training Needs Analysis for Aircraft Technicians

The Royal Canadian Airforce engaged CAE to analyze the current training flow for aircraft technicians in order to discover how modern training methods and media could be employed to increase learners’ levels of practical experience and ability while also creating a more flexible and streamlined system. We interviewed dozens of technicians, teachers and supervisors to better understand the affordances and constraints of the system, and then generated options that could satisfy the design criteria. Options were costed, laid-out in sample training plans, and detailed in implementation plans in order to demonstrate the sequence of events that would be required to orchestrate the transformation.

To support the analysis, we created a custom software solution that was used to determine which media were appropriate for each enabling objective’s learning requirements and to weight the degree to which the investment would satisfy the overarching design criteria for the project. Additionally, we created a training plan generator to generate sample training plans that reflected the new media and methods.

Game Design and Level Design Software
Article 19

Article 19 creates online games and interactive content. Over the years, we have co-designed 5 games and provided software solutions for simple level and interactivity design.