We have extensive experience in every phase of the instructional design and development process. You can call on us for any or all parts of your project.
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Needs Analysis
Our needs analysis process ensures that we capture and prioritize performance gaps and pain-points, and define clear and achievable project goals. These goals take the form of “design success criteria” and not only describe individual learners’ knowledge or skill needs, but also the organization’s parameters for solving the problem. These parameters can include things like the required throughput and speed of a training system, acceptable organizational burden for managing the system, and budget – factors which, if ignored, could undermine the success of the solution.
The design process produces a detailed blueprint to address the highest priority gaps and achieve the identified design criteria. Depending on the project, a design can encompass everything from a full curriculum to a  simple job-aid.

Instructional methods (i.e., exploratory versus directive, observation versus practice) and media (i.e., interactive video versus a printed desk-guide) are selected both to suit learning requirements and to address the organization’s scope and needs.

After an initial design document is approved, a deeper level of design will generate “storyboards” which are essentially low-fidelity drafts of the final product. Storyboards allow us to work closely with Subject Matter Experts to ensure that the content is accurate, clear and provides adequate opportunity for students to attain the learning objectives.

With an approved design “blueprint” it is time to start developing materials. Courseware developers build the graphics and functionality (graphical user interface, animations, interactivity, etc) in the final media format , according to the design documentation.

Depending on project needs and budget, we can use a variety of commercial off-the-shelf tools or a streamlined, custom built browser-based tool to accomplish exactly what you need. We can also collaborate with your own internal production team to ensure that all materials get built to specification.

Training and development programs frequently fail during implementation. We consider implementation planning a key success factor in the transformation of a design into an effective performance solution. We can guide you through potential issues and risks and create an implementation plan that ensures you maximize the ROI from your project and mitigate the technical, logistical and social hazards that organizational change frequently encounters.
Throughout the project, formative evaluation is the process of testing the developed materials with experts and learners to ensure that they effective. By engaging users early, we confirm that we are using appropriate language, user-interface elements, directions and feedback for the people we are designing for. Early validation is the most cost-effective way to improve the product and to ensure learner buy-in.

After the content is developed, we propose running a “beta-class”. This involves fully using all the materials in the intended way and then measuring how well the students are able to perform the required tasks. If any gaps exist, we figure out why and fill them.

Custom Apps.
Sometimes, off-the-shelf tools don’t do what we want or do it inefficiently. We don’t let that stop us. Custom code can often be used to enhance an existing program or, failing that, we can build a whole learning application that meets your needs.


Our strategy is simple: we uncover and understand performance gaps, and then bridge those gaps using the most appropriate methods and technologies for your learners’ and organization’s needs.