Visual Knowledge Management (VKM) Progress Log

This is a log of our progress on a framework we are currently calling VKM: Visual Knowledge Manager. Our aim is to create a very rapid and accurate method for capturing  performance and transforming it into a training or performance support tool. Our current focus is on IV: Interactive Video. 

Select the buttons below below to see video logs of our progress. We are actively soliciting input from people in the T/D community so that we can focus our efforts on the highest value features. Please share any ideas, insights, critiques you may have by emailing me (ian "at" or by using the form at the bottom of the page. Our intention is to take on small demo projects in September.
  • Ability to concurrently author new interactivity modes (such as See/Do) that effect the timing and appearance of visual cues (hotspots). All modes launched from a single file.
  • Basic (automated) gestural arrows to indicate the path and direction of a required gesture (like pulling a lever down).
  • Overview of interactive video on the ipad.
  • Simple selection (for buttons) and gestures (for levers, switches).
  • Verification of status of indicators.
  • Authoring and Play mode in a single file authored directly in a browser browser with no plugins req’d.
 Thank-you for sharing your thoughts!

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